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ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic or ultrasound testing (UT) is a versatile inspection technique. It is used to test a variety of both metallic and nonmetallic products such as welds, forgings, castings, sheet, tubing, plastics and ceramics. This NDT method is often used instead of radiography as it is a very cost-effective alternative.

The objective of UT ultrasonic testing is to ensure product reliability by means of:

  1. Obtaining information related to discontinuities.
  2. Disclosing the nature of the discontinuity without impairing the usefulness of the part.
  3. Separating acceptable and unacceptable materials in accordance with predetermined standards.

Ultrasonic testing works by utilizing sound waves to detect discontinuities in a material. Due to its nature, ultrasonic testing allows you to detect subsurface discontinuities with access to only one side of the specimen, providing an advantage over some other types of testing. It can also be used to determine the thickness of the material being tested to ensure it meets requirements.

Ultrasonic testing can be conducted onsite without having to transport the material being tested, making it a convenient test and sometimes one of the only options available. A facility can employ its own technicians to conduct regular nondestructive testing, or consulting NDT technicians can be contracted as needed.

This nondestructive test is used across a variety of industries because it is very versatile and cost-effective. Some applications of ultrasonic testing include power generation, oil and gas, and aerospace.

In order to provide nondestructive ultrasound testing, you need to be qualified and certified in accordance with a standard, procedure or practice. You will often hear people say you need to meet ASTM, which guides you to SNT-TC-1A, a recommended practice, or NAS-410, a standard. The important part is to know what you need to meet. This allows you to know which procedures you can follow or which parts you are authorized to inspect. If you are looking for training on ultrasonic testing and other types of non-destructive testing, RRL NDT offers training.

If you are just looking for technicians to perform ultrasound testing for you, RLL NDT can help as well! Our level II and III technicians can travel to your site and perform the required testing. We offer a variety of nondestructive testing types to meet your needs!