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Bond Testing (BT)airplane in flight after undergoing bond testing is a nondestructive testing method that determines the bond quality of materials (often those used in multi-layered structures) to ensure the integrity and safety of an aircraft, machine, automobile, and more.

After World War II, only the aerospace industry used bonding to join metal materials for construction and maintenance; however, nowadays, automotive, maritime, and several other industries rely on bonding. As a result, various private and commercial aircraft lines require bond testing for routine maintenance. Other industries may follow similar procedures in the future and add bond testing to maintenance manuals and other standard procedures.

Unlike welding, bolting, or riveting, bonding removes the need to add welds or holes in materials, leading to a better distribution of mechanical stress. Bonding also makes it easier to put together curved or large external surfaces. Because more industries are using bonding and composite materials, there is a risk of new flaws appearing and needing to be detected, but traditional inspection methods often cannot determine these flaws without deconstructing pieces of the aircraft, machine, automobile, etc.

Thanks to bond testing, bonds can be assessed without having to dismantle the material being tested. In fact, the equipment used for bond testing is relatively small and lightweight, making it portable to various locations where testing may be performed. In comparison to traditional ultrasonic testing equipment, bond testing equipment works at a lower frequency (usually in between 4 kilohertz to 400 kilohertz).

Some of the flaws that bond testing equipment can detect include:

  • Delamination
  • Debonding
  • Porosity
  • Impact damage
  • Far-side defects

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