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ndt consulting servicesNondestructive testing (NDT) is used to test a part, machine, or system for flaws without damaging it. While each NDT testing method has unique advantages, the field itself offers many benefits to a variety of businesses like the petrochemical, aviation, fabrication industries, and more! Let’s find out what the benefits of nondestructive testing are! 

1. Increases Safety & Prevents Accidents

One of the main goals of nondestructive testing is safety. With NDT, we can detect flaws and defects in machinery and equipment at their earliest stages— often before they are even visible. Knowing what these issues are and where they are located allows you to address the problem before catastrophic failure or accidents happen.

2. Prevents Downtime 

When NDT testing methods are used as preventative maintenance tools, they can reduce equipment downtime and ensure that your machine stays up and running correctly. When you don’t have to replace your machinery or put production to a halt, your business saves money and time.

3. Convenient Testing Methods

Many NDT testing types like eddy current testing and ultrasonic testing have portable equipment so testing can take place inside or outside of a laboratory testing space. Because of this, our Level II and Level III certified technicians at RRL NDT can travel to your business location and perform testing and inspections there.

4. Testing is Nondestructive 

Of course, one of the benefits of NDT is that it is nondestructive, meaning that testing causes no damage to the equipment, machine, or product. This is a key aspect of why manufacturing and fabrication industries depend on nondestructive testing.

5. Reliable Testing Results

Did you know that ultrasonic thickness testing readings can measure the thickness of a material down to .001 inch? Like ultrasonic thickness testing, other nondestructive testing methods offer accurate and reliable readings and measurements, so you can depend on these results. Most equipment and machinery can undergo a variety of NDT testing methods to further ensure their safety.

RRL NDT provides NDT consulting services and NDT auditing throughout the country. Besides offering testing and inspections, we additionally provide NDT certification and trainings. Together, we can make your business safer and code compliant!